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  • Do you need to collect comments on documents from several people?
  • Have you ever had to merge suggestions from different versions of a draft? lets you easily give or collect detailed feedback on documents. It saves time and improves the quality of responses for both authors and reviewers.

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Easy to use  -  nothing to install  -  annotate PDF, MSWord, Powerpoint, web pages, Excel  -  pay as you go
Upload a document or snapshot a webpage   Select some text to attach a note   Invited users can add notes and replies
Documents can also be sent by email. Most standard formats are supported including PDF and MS Word. Links can also be added to an existing site or CMS to enable "on-demand" annotation.

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Sharing notes on PDF and Word documents
Attaching notes to a web page

What users say

I wouldn't ever want to go back to doing it the old way with paper and pencil.
Julia Night, Boston
It was pretty surprised - we got everything done within days when it normally takes a couple of weeks.
Simon Broadbent, London